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The Wrinkle Free Bundle

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The Wrinkle Free Bundle

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One FEAR most women tell me they have is that they are paranoid about ‘looking older than what they really are’. 
I get it, because trust me, I don’t want to either! 
“I need something to prevent these things, I’m not getting any younger you know!” they say while pointing at the dreaded frown lines and crow's feet. 
Many women explain that they already use a toner and cream that have been prescribed to them by their skin specialist, however, want to know if there was anything else they can do. By now, many women know that collagen is awesome at helping fix and prevent wrinkles, but they want to know which one is the best. Just like ‘oils ain’t oils’, ‘collagen ain’t collagen’. I get that it's confusing with literally every company saying that there’s is the best. 
But with all that being said, let me throw my ‘two bobs’ in.... 
Unfortunately, I haven’t found a supplement to turn back time (I’m still working on it) but what I do know is what the science says and I’ve come across some awesome ingredients that promote plumpness, elasticity, hydration and promotes the adhesion of collagen in the cells. Now, this is a claim many can make, but very few companies and products have the actual clinical trials, the right ingredients and in the right doses! 
Let me introduce you to Verisol (TM) , Hyaluronic Acid and Astaxanthin (ASX)! 
Verisol is the magic type of collagen peptide (yes I said peptide) that actually works – they even have the clinical trials to prove it. Verisol is produced by this nerdy German company that specialises in collagen research and have found the EXACT type of collagen that interacts with skin cells to work from the inside out. Most collagens are just available for use by the body, whereas Verisol actually engages with the skin cell and incorporates itself into the structure. Thank you German collagen nerds! 
The next amazing ingredient I’m sure most of you would’ve heard of is Hyaluronic Acid. It’s in nearly every antiaging cream on the market but did you know you can take it orally as well! This is the plumper! It draws moisture into your skin and from an internal perspective, it grows from the inside out. Studies found that taking 120mg a day for over 8 weeks saw a noticeable difference in crow's feet and fine wrinkles. Again, not many products use the right form, or in the right dose. 
Praise be to Astaxanthin (ASX), which is a potent antioxidant. This is the sucker I need in particular due to sun damage. It works by helping to protect the skin from harmful UV rays that can accelerate the appearance of aging to the skin. By taking it orally, it can improve moisture and elasticity of your skin while removing the appearance of fine wrinkles. For maximum benefits, it’s recommended to take around 4mg per day with noticeable changes after 8 weeks. Let me be heard again, dose, quality and duration is important here girls (and men who like to have nice youthful skin). 
The best thing,all these amazing ingredients are blended in a product called Beauty Collagen by ATP Science.  Not that it matters because beauty is pain (lol - I never wear heels), but it actually tastes delicious by itself.  

I also added in some high-Quality Zinc into this bundle. Zinc is a must in any skin regimen as it promotes skin repair, supports immune function and dampens inflammation.  


Enjoy x