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Meet the Team

We’re Here for You 

In case you haven’t already gathered – we give a sh*t about you. Your results are our greatest advertisement. That’s why we’re committed to helping you succeed. We’re unashamedly different. We’re with you the whole journey and want you to ask as many questions as possible so you understand YOUR body and how things need to work for YOU. So if you decide to join us for your journey – we’re committed to you the whole way!
James Jensen

James Jensen

Functional Medicine Practitioner & Integrative Pharmacist
BPharm MPS

Emma McNevin

Emma Jensen

Integrative Pharmacist

BPharm MPS


Laine Matthews

Retail and Customer Support


Janelle Jeynes

Health Support
Functional Health Coach


Functional Medical Practitioner
Managing Director & Co-owner

James is our Managing Director and one of our co-owners, and holds a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy and is currently studying a Masters in Human Nutrition. 

As a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Integrative Pharmacist, James is passionate about treating the root cause of symptoms through natural therapy for a range of health issues including Diabetes, Hormone Health, Anxiety, Fertility, Weight Loss and Children’s Behavioural Management. 

When he’s not helping others feel awesome, he’s teaching people about the benefits of growing your own veggies and spending time with his two young boys.

James understands the importance of feeling happy and healthy, and works closely with clients to improve energy, correct hormonal imbalances and enhance sleep through lifestyle and dietary changes, guiding them to live a healthier, more balance life. 


Integrative Pharmacist 

Emma is one of our co-owners, and holds a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy and Certificates in Pharmaceutical Compounding and Nutraceutical Therapy.

Emma specialises in skin management with a major interest in women's health, gut microflora and nutraceutical compounding.

As a mum of two young boys, Emma understands the demands of juggling a career with motherhood.  A fitness enthusiast, Emma enjoys her daily CrossFit sessions to keep her mind and body strong and healthy.


Health Support
Functional Health Coach

Janelle is a Functional Health Coach and is currently studying Functional Nutrition at the Functional Nutrition Alliance. 

Janelle is passionate about assisting clients in making sustainable improvements in all five pillars of health; sleep, nutrition, movement, stress reduction and environmental influences. 

She is available to mentor, guide and motivate clients in the cultivation of positive health choices and assist in product recommendations at our store.

Retail and Customer Support

Laine is our retail and customer support superstar. With a background in health, retail and product management, Laine is the one who makes sure our store is stocked with all the relevant products needed to support our clients in living a happier and healthier life. 

Laine can answer all your product and service questions and assist with in-store recommendations based off your 1:1 consult.