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The Acne Repair Bundle

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The Acne Repair Bundle

Raspberry Gut Right
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The Acne Repair Bundle

Acne breakouts can be an ‘externally’ sign that something isn’t right ‘internally’. Those of us who suffer from acne-prone skin share many commonalities such as nutrient deficiencies, poor gut health and imbalanced sebum production.

We’ve come up with this bundle as a good little starting point in getting your skin back to great health with each product equally as important for your skin health.

It’s great for patients who are:

- Developing deep cystic acne

-  Wanting to get off the oral conceptive and don’t want a flare

- Those who have recently been on antibiotics

- Seem to be breaking out more often (not hormone-related)

- Producing more oil on their skin than normal

So what’s in the bundle?

Gut Right – What's the point of taking supplements when your gut is compromised? We want to make sure that you're absorbing adequate nutrients to support your skin health and ensure you’re eliminating the toxins. Gut Right is a Modibiotic, a group of natural compounds including polyphenols that help maintain a healthy diverse microbiome. Like ‘weed and feed’, it helps clear out the bad bugs while nourishing the good ones. The gut microbiome greatly influences the skin microbiome, so for us, this is an essential and a no-brainer.

Zinc – This is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies that we see. Zinc promotes skin healing and has been used in the treatment of acne since the late 70’s. It also has potent antimicrobial properties and is essential in reducing inflammation at the chemical level.

EPA:DHA – When your skin is oily, it’s not because you have too much oil, it’s more of an indicator that your skin is dry. Your body pumps outs out extra sebum to moisturise the skin as it’s dehydrated. This creates more acne and clogged pores. Increasing your DHA/EPA (Omega 3 fatty acids) keeps the skin hydrated and smooth. It also protects the skin against UV radiation and promotes collagen and elastin formation.

 This is an excellent starting point in getting your skin health back in order – in fact, its part of our foundational protocol that we put nearly everyone on.

If you need further investigation then I would recommend booking in for an Inside-Out Skin assessment.