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Menopause Bundle

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Menopause Bundle

Menopause Midsection Bundle
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How ‘change of life’ makes it nearly impossible to lose weight like you could before….and what to do about it.

Probably the most frustrating thing I hear from patients is how they’re doing all the right things, but nothing changes.

As practitioners it’s our job to discover the handbrakes and then, remove them. One of the most frustrated types of women we see would be those who are approaching menopause, or are already menopausal.

The weight just jumps on, without your permission, and when nothing has changed. ‘James, I’m eating better than I ever have, exercising more than I ever have, but the weight just keeps creeping on’.

So what’s this all about? Who do we need to kill off? Firstly, we need to understand that hormones influence our everything.

Weight, mood, energy and the list goes on. I’d typically see two types of weight gain: Through the hips bum and thighs and or/ Through the mid section. Both can be due to change of life, but are treated slightly differently.

The change of oestrogen changes the way our body responds to insulin. If insulin isn’t in the right relationship with the body – you’ll gain weight from eating the same things and want MORE sugars and carbs, just because oestrogen has changed.

Remember when you went through puberty, and your shape became more womanly?

Well, now you’re going through second puberty! Unfair I know. So what do we do? Well based on your specific symptoms and where you’re storing weight, we’ll do things like change what you’re eating, when you’re eating it, and use supplements to reverse the imbalances. We put things back on your terms.

Unfortunately, change of life does make things harder, but once you know the rules to the game, it’s easy enough to play. I do recommend a consultation with one of our practitioners to make sure you’re getting the right things for you, but we also have some ‘generalised’ packs for those who don’t have time for a consultation. 


I mentioned earlier that a change in oestrogen will affect the way insulin works, and therefore how we store weight. In earlier stages of perimenopause we often see surges in oestrogen, leading to increased weight storage through ‘hourglass’ areas. The relative drop in progesterone means we become less sensitive to insulin, and therefore weight can pile on despite our best attempts.

For this, we focus on ensuring oestrogen can be cleared effectively, progesterone is supported we sensitise the cells to insulin. To do this, our ‘Menopause HourGlass Bundle’ includes Venus Etox to promote healthy progesterone and oestrogen levels, Berberine to re-sensitise our cells to insulin and MagTaur Xcell to support energy, sleep and mood.

Combined with our ‘eating for perimenopause’ meal plan and strategy we expect the rules to change in your favour. For those who are storing in the midsection only, this is shape is typical of lower oestrogen, lower progesterone and relative androgen dominance.

This profile of hormones also leads to increase insulin resistance, only that we’re not contending with surges in oestrogen. Our ‘Menopause Midsection Bundle’ focuses on restoring insulin sensitivity. Included in this bundle is Berberine to help reverse insulin resistance, Inositol to help insulin resistance at the receptor site and Magtaur Xcell to support energy, sleep and mood.

Which Bundle is right for me?

The difference is where you’re storing weight. 

Menopause Hourglass Bundle

Perimenopause you’ll typically store in hips, bum and thighs – hence the hourglass shape. With perimenopause you’ll also experience more mood fluctuations, irregular periods and other period changes, typical menopausal type symptoms.

Menopause Midsection

The other pack is more for those who are storing in belly mostly. Typically this is someone who is in menopause. By definition you’re in menopause if you’ve not had a period for over 12 months.