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Rule 1 Pre Lift

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Rule 1 Pre Lift

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Rule 1 PreLIFT

Rule 1 PreLIFT is Rule 1’s newest high energy formula to hit the market. Stacked with over 25 active ingredients, each one designed to increase your energy, cognitive function and performance. They didn’t leave any ingredient out with this one! PreLift formula will allow you to train harder for longer making this a must have in any serious lifter’s arsenal for those big training sessions.

What makes this product stand out even more is that is also contains 6 patented ingredients. Starting with Carnosyn Beta alanine, Sustained caffeine release called ZumXR and Senactiv to support energy production. Then we also have pure l-citrulline and S7™ for stronger muscular pumps and blood flow to working muscles. Alpha-GPC, Huperzia and lion’s mane mushroom have been included for increased cognitive function, mental alertness and intense focus. To top it off, Rule One also included an electrolyte blend to aid in hydration and improve muscle function. Rule 1 PreLIFT truly has it all covered when it comes to a pre workout formula.

Key Ingredients of Rule 1 PreLIFT

ZumXr being a technological delivery system that is designed to provide long-term energy without the ‘crash’ associated with many caffeine products giving you a multi stage release of energy.

Lions Mane Mushroom provides us with a multitude of benefits such as reduced inflammation, immune system health, assisting with heart health and one of the more common reasons people use it being the increase of our cognitive function. Making us think clearer, faster and more efficiently while simultaneously providing a sense of natural energy.

Main Benefits of Rule 1 PreLIFT

  • Increase Energy
  • Boost Muscular Pumps
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Assist with proper muscle function
  • Increased recovery

Directions of Use for Rule 1 PreLIFT

Mix one scoop (14g) of Rule 1 PreLIFT with 250-250ml of cold water and consume approximately 30 minutes prior to training. If you prefer a sweeter tasting drink, mix with less water and alternatively for a less sweet tasting drink, mix with more. Try Rule1 PreLIFT from Power Supps today!

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