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PCOS Bundles

Insulin Resistant Bundle
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The majority of our patients have been told they have PCOS, WITHOUT being told what type of PCOS they have. When I ask them ‘what type of PCOS do you have?’, it’s often met with blank stares because they weren’t aware of the different types, and weren’t told any more than ‘you have PCOS’.

So let’s nut it out, so we can fix it!

If we don’t really know what type of PCOS you have, it makes treatment difficult. KNOWING the type of PCOS helps us treat the cause, and we want to ALWAYS treat the cause.


4 Different types of PCOS

The classic form of PCOS which is also the most common, is Insulin Resistant PCOS. If insulin resistant, your body is producing more insulin than it normally would, which drives the ovaries to make more testosterone. Common causes of Insulin resistance include sugar, smoking, trans fats and environmental toxins.

If you’ve been told you are pre-diabetic, diabetic or had some funky blood glucose results this is probably you. Usually insulin resistance is linked with being overweight, though we have seen plenty of people with normal weight and insulin-resistance due to deficiencies.

For these people, best bundle is the ‘Insulin Resistant Bundle’. No prizes for guessing how it works, but it works to help correct insulin resistance by making you MORE SENSITIVE to insulin. Couple this bundle with a lower-carb/keto diet (even intermittent fasting) and you can expect major improvements in PCOS symptoms.


Post-Pill PCOS

This is probably the second most common type of PCOS and we usually come across this one in our fertility consultations. After years of taking ‘the pill’ to suppress ovulation, once the pill is ceased, it can takes months or years for the period to return to normal. The cysts form as the body tries to get a cycle going again, but cannot, leaving cysts in its wake.


IF you had regular periods before starting the pill, and now don’t once stopping it, this could definitely be you. Contact us for more info on a particular treatment as this can vary from person to person.


Inflammatory PCOS

Inflammatory PCOS is one that many don’t think of. As simple as it sounds, inflammation can disrupt ovulation and stimulate the overproduction of androgens such as testosterone, DHEA

and androstenedione. The inflammation can be a result of stress, environmental toxins, ‘leaky gut’ (bad digestion) or even just inflammatory foods like gluten and dairy. The immune system gets involved and its this dysregulation that leads to improper ovulation.

 This may be you If you have symptoms of recurring infections, headaches, inflammatory skin conditions this might be you. When looking at your blood work you may also see Vitamin D deficiency, elevations in CRP (anything above 1 or 2 without explanation like a cold or flu), thyroid or other auto immune antibodies or elevations in DHEA.

 For these people we suggest our ‘Inflammatory PCOS bundle’. This bundle works to correct ovulation by reducing inflammation and some of the potential triggers of inflammation. Other things we recommend you definitely do is to reduce your exposure to pesticides and plastics. Try cutting out inflammatory foods like sugar, wheat (especially gluten) and dairy. Whilst easier said than done, work to reduce your stress and consider products which help modify the HPA axis such as magnesium and adrenal herbs like those found in Adrenal Rx. This one isn’t an overnight fix so expect a 6 to 9 month treatment period.


Adrenal PCOS

Adrenal PCOS accounts for roughly 10% of PCOS diagnoses. Sufferers of this form typically have high adrenal androgens like DHEAS but normal testosterone. It can also be normal to ovulate regularly with this form of PCOS. If you don’t fit the other categories of PCOS this may be you, especially if you have tried more traditional treatments and they haven’t quite worked. This type usually requires more investigation but use of Adrenal supporting compounds we find very useful. Such nutrients are found in our ‘Adrenal PCOS Bundle’.