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Designs for Health Lipsomal Glutathione Spray 50ml

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Designs for Health Lipsomal Glutathione Spray 50ml

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  • Provides 250 mg of Reduced Glutathione per 3 ml serving


Supporting optimal glutathione levels in the body requires overcoming issues associated with oral glutathione intake, including extensive gastrointestinal hydrolysis and suboptimal bioavailability. Combining the biologically active reduced form of oral glutathione (GSH) with liposomal technology provides an effective delivery system specifically designed to overcome these issues by acting as an efficient transport carrier for peptides and proteins.

Liposomes can enhance the gastrointestinal stability, bioavailability and absorption of glutathione due to their bilayer structure, with a lipophilic phospholipid layer surrounding a hydrophilic core encapsulating glutathione. The structural similarity of liposomes to endogenous cell membranes is a key factor in their capacity to improve glutathione bioavailability and absorption, thereby supporting the full spectrum of glutathione’s therapeutic benefits in the body.


The significance of glutathione’s potent antioxidant activity is highlighted by its synthesis in every cell cytoplasm in the body. It is considered to be the most important endogenous hydrophilic, intracellular antioxidant due to its ability to neutralize lipid peroxides, hydrogen peroxides and reactive oxygen species, regenerate other antioxidants (vitamins C and E) as well as conjugate and inhibit the oxidative effects of exogenous toxins.

The importance of optimal levels of the active form of glutathione in the body is also observed in the fluctuating ratio between its reduced (GSH) and oxidized (GSSH) forms, with high GSSH levels correlated with elevated oxidative stress levels, the effects of which being counteracted by higher GSH concentrations in the body.
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